Cannes Changes Its Tune

I told you so.

A recent article in Ad Age announced the cancellation of many of the parties and other festivities scheduled at this year’s Cannes Festival. “You’d have to be tone-deaf to throw a big party this year in Cannes,” says DDB Worldwide CEO Chuck Brymer. According to the article, Cannes 2009 will be more focused on learning and improvement than parties and socializing.

Sound familiar?

It should. I’ve been saying the same thing for years! It shouldn’t take a bad economy to make us become good businessmen. Most recently, I was quoted in an Ad Age column in December of last year, saying, “We have to stop acting like rock-star creatives who show up for awards with an entourage and trailing paparazzi.” And you wouldn’t believe the backlash! People accused me of not valuing good work and of sacrificing employee motivation and moral. I never said that. I value great work, but great work that WORKS. People read what they want to read because they don’t want to be held accountable.

Cancel Cannes? How dare I even suggest such a thing?

Now look how the tune has changed. Suddenly the entire industry has realized the absurdity of hosting an elaborate, pompous celebration like Cannes in the midst of these dire economic times. Suddenly they realize the importance of focusing on producing work that actually achieves results for their clients.

And if that produces work that happens to be brilliant creative, so be it.

If you have an online subscription to Advertising Age, click on this link for the full article.

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