This Isn’t Vaudeville

This Isn’t Vaudeville

Lowe’s Mark Wnek says, “The most important quality that all good creative directors share is a passion for great work.” Wnek goes on to argue that creatives are not politicians or actors, and that new business pitches aren’t supposed to be ‘vaudeville.’ Listen, don’t get me wrong: passion for great work should be a given to walk in the door for a job, but it’s not the most important thing that separates you from the others.

To me, great work means nothing if it doesn’t run, and the work won’t sell shit if it cannot even sell the client. Passion for work drives talent to create work. A passion for building a case to sell the work, to me, is what differentiates the talented from the talented who are also wildly successful. Building a case is not about vaudeville, as Wnek would have us believe. It is about showing that it is not about the work output itself, but what the projected outcome of that work will be. It means building a case for how that work will impact external messaging, operational process and the internal culture of a company. Mostly, it is about building a presentation that shows how everyone who approves that work will find a higher level of profitability and accomplishment.

Yeah, it doesn’t surprise me that the Lowe team doesn’t hold presentations in as high regard as we do. Perhaps that’s why we won both of the last two pitches against them. Mr. Wnek, it’s ok by me if you don’t change a thing!

AdvertisingAge – Creative Directors Don’t Have to Be Performers

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