Relentless Motivation

Relentless Motivation

I’ve been asked several times lately what motivates me. I can sum that up in one word: relentless.

I’ve talked about being relentless before: about how we expect all of our people at Zimmerman to be relentless, and how we expect our clients to be relentless right along with us. There’s even a quote from me that hangs right outside of the main elevator doors here that reads, “Relentlessly pursue the client’s goal, but never rest in the glory.”

But being relentless has meant more to me in my life than just these things. Being relentless is at the very core of my personality. My relentlessness is what has driven me to meet and surpass every goal I’ve ever set for myself. It’s what drives me to only sleep three to four hours each night, what pushes me to never be content when I reach a goal, what compels me to always think and act bigger and bigger. It’s what has caused so many people over the years to call me INSANE!

I’ve been motivated by different things at different points in my life. When I was in business school in college, I was motivated by the dream of one day building a great national agency. When I started Zimmerman’s internship program, I was motivated by the dream of creating the best, most competitive internship program in the country. When I’m on my bike or lifting weights in the morning, I’m motivated by the goal of beating the time from my previous ride or lifting a heavier weight than I did during my last workout. Along the way to meeting each of these goals, I am motivated by different things. But one thing remains constant: I am relentless in my pursuit of each and every goal.

Webster’s dictionary defines ‘relentless’ as showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength or pace. I like that definition because it specifically talks about strength and intensity, two characteristics I pride myself on possessing. Remember that definition. Drill it into your subconscious. (You can do this by programming it into your Reticular Activating System.) Then attack everything you do with a relentless focus and energy, showing no signs of letting up. Once you do that, you’ll find motivation behind every goal you set out to tackle.

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