Brandweek’s No. 1 Story of 2010 – A Game Changer

Brandweek’s No. 1 Story of 2010 – A Game Changer

Zimmerman Advertising lives and breathes in the retail world of our clients. We relentlessly pursue solutions for them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are never satisfied, never content to rest in our successes, but instead are always pushing forward towards the next idea.

Sometimes the ideas are small. Sometimes they’re big. And sometimes they’re game changers. Those game changers are the solutions we push for the hardest. They are the ideas that should be recognized and celebrated, both on behalf of our clients and on behalf of Zimmerman as an agency.

Last year, we joined a fight on behalf of one of our clients. It was a fight in which we believed strongly, a fight we couldn’t in good conscience shy away from. And it quickly became clear that we weren’t alone. In April, two major TV networks refused to air Lane Bryant’s new Cacique lingerie commercial. The problem was these same networks were running very similar ads for Victoria’s Secret in the same time slots. The only difference was the size of the models. And the only explanation was that these networks were blatantly discriminating against curvy women.

Men and women around the country rallied behind Lane Bryant. They were suddenly given a voice and refused to be silenced. Over the course of one week, the commercial became the most viewed spot on YouTube and the biggest viral video of the week, according to Ad Age. The story was the topic of too many blogs to count and was mentioned in one Tweet every 30 seconds. It was picked up by TV shows and networks around the world, including The Today Show, The Early Show, CNN, The Tonight Show, The O’Reilly Factor and Saturday Night Live. Jay Leno was so outraged that he even showed the commercial – imagine how much that publicity was worth to Lane Bryant! People finally recognized that beauty is more than skin deep and that women of all shapes and sizes have the right to feel beautiful. What a victory!!

As if that weren’t proof enough, Brandweek announced last week that this story was its No. 1 story of 2010. Talk about a game changer!! This was an idea that took vision, courage and a willingness to fight. It brought far more than just success for our client, although it certainly did that too. This story represented a victory for women everywhere. It represented a victory for parents everywhere with a responsibility to make sure their daughters have the opportunity to see beautiful women of all shapes and sizes represented in the media. Unfortunately many young girls today develop eating disorders because of the unrealistic way women are portrayed. Victories like this will hopefully help put a stop to that.

We are proud of this accomplishment. Congratulations to the many people who had a hand in it. And most importantly, congratulations to our client Jay Dunn for having the vision, fortitude and courage to fight this battle.

Here’s to 2011 and to the next game changing idea!

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