It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep

It's Not What You Make, It's What You Keep

Someone asked me the other day to come up with a New Year’s resolution that would help the whole country. I didn’t have to think for very long. The resolution would be: “Keep a Balanced Budget.” That’s a resolution we all should make. If we all managed our personal budgets so that we didn’t spend more than we earn … if we were all saving for a rainy day … we’d all be in better shape. But that’s not a change that is restricted to just individuals; it’s especially applicable to Washington.

Years ago, the author Julian Block wrote a book about this problem. It was called IT’S NOT WHAT YOU MAKE, IT’S WHAT YOU KEEP. We all need to take another look at this concept … because America’s got to stop burying our future generations with debt. We have got to get back to saving if we’re going to thrive again as a nation.

A lot of people know how to make money … but they don’t know how to save money. Big problem! If you’re building a company, you have to set up a reserve account. The same thing applies if you’re running a household. Regardless if you make a little money or a lot of money – you need to know how to save money. You have a responsibility to take X amount out of your paycheck every week, and not just spend your paycheck until it runs out. You establish a family budget early on. You know what your mortgage payment, your utilities and other expenses are going to be. Savings is just another line that can’t be ignored.

That’s the way America used to be. And it’s the way we need to be again — as individuals, in our families, in our companies, and in our government — if we’re going to make next year better than this one, which, let’s face it, had some ugly moments.

In 2012, remember: No matter how much money you make … IT’S NOT WHAT YOU MAKE, IT’S WHAT YOU KEEP.

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