The Distraction Machine

Will any more of Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors pull out because of some stupid, sexist shit he said on his radio show about the contraception debate in Congress? Will the GOP presidential campaign be affected by what Rush said? Has the national debate about reproductive rights reached a critical turning point?

Who the hell cares?

Limbaugh shouldn’t have said what he said. End of story. The kinds of questions we’re hearing now about this issue have been manufactured by the liberal wing of the media, which is desperate to keep this (dumb) story on the front burner for a few more days. The questions are way too lame to drive the national agenda. But that problem has never stopped us from fixating on stupid shit before.

For what it’s worth, any sponsors Limbaugh “loses” will probably return to him when the dust settles and no one is paying attention. The reporters, and the remaining candidates for President, will indeed stop talking about this. And the national discussion about contraceptives and abortion will keep going pretty much as it has for the past forty years or so: divisively. What else is new?

This story was worth about ten seconds of your time. But the people who are running the national distraction machine have magnified this little diversion, because they hoped it would keep you from noticing that the Obama Administration is running an unsustainable deficit. That its foreign policy is a disaster. That, as a nation, we are not graduating a large enough percentage of kids from high school. And so on.

This distraction will pass. Eventually. But don’t worry. The distraction machine will crank out another one before long.

ABC News: Rush Limbaugh Advertiser Exodus Continues as 22 Companies Pull Ads

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