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Back when I was eleven years old, I was out working my paper route, making deliveries, when I ran into Mr. Dazzo.

Mr. Dazzo was a friend’s dad. He was at the piano when I first saw him and I asked what he was doing. He said, “writing a jingle.” I didn’t know what a jingle was, and so I started my first lesson in advertising. Even to a young kid out riding a bike that sounded pretty cool. Mr. Dazzo made a real impression on me. This guy actually made up the songs that played in commercials. Who knew that people got paid for that kind of stuff? But what struck me most was that this was a guy who loved what he did for a living. That was totally different from all the other adults I knew.

That day was a major turning point for me. I had run into Mr. Dazzo completely by accident, but the discussions we had from that day on gave a real sense of meaning and purpose to my life. He knew a whole lot about the advertising industry, and he was happy to share what he knew with me. He became my tutor, and the more he told me about advertising, the more I wanted to know. Eventually, my talks with Mr. Dazzo inspired me to go into this industry.

I mention all this because tomorrow, April 26, is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. This is a great opportunity, not only to get closer to our own kids by showing them what we do, but also to inspire them and give them a sense of passion and possibility and excitement about all the cool things that can happen in the workplace once you find your own mission in life. At Zimmerman, we encourage our people to bring their kids in to work on this day. If you lead a team, I hope you encourage your people to do the same thing.

Our children will be given a hands-on introduction to the business of advertising. They will learn specifically about how Zimmerman operates and then they’ll go to work creating an ad for our client/partner White Castle. During the process, they’ll have interaction with the folks from strategy and creative and be judged by the client services team for their concept development and execution of the idea. They will literally be “Mad Children” tomorrow.

Who knows? Maybe the next great ad industry leader will discover his or her true passion that day.

Visit the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work website to find out more. And then tell us what your kids did when they visited your workplace

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work

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