About Jordan

Who is Jordan Zimmerman? Maverick ad man. Philanthropist. Self-made madman. Visionary. Father. Alpha Dog. Motivator. Teacher. Leader. Huge success. And now, a blogger.

Jordan Zimmerman opened his own advertising agency in 1984 in 400 square feet of office space in a Ft. Lauderdale strip mall. Today, he has over 1,100 employees in 10 states, runs the 14th-largest agency in the nation doing close to $3 billion in billings per year, is a partner in the Florida Panthers, and endows a teaching program at his alma mater.

Not bad for a guy whose first job was selling greeting cards door-to-door. But, then again, he was eight, and ended up selling his business at age 11 for quite a tidy profit, so maybe the signs were there from the start.

Overnight sensation is for pretty celebrities and supermodels, not men like Jordan Zimmerman. After toiling 80, 90, 100 hours a week leading his agency to bigger and bigger clients, Jordan was approached in 1999 by media behemoth Omnicom. He sold, but in typical Jordan fashion, he couldn’t just sit back and enjoy the fruits of 15 years’ hard labor.

Instead, he had a typical Jordan Zimmerman epiphany: We’re doing well, so we’ll commit to doing even better; reaching higher, diversifying and growing significantly. The man never stops, barely sleeps, and is still the first person to arrive at the office every day.

This blog is a reflection of Jordan’s work ethic, his mantra to succeed for his clients, and his no-b.s. way of telling it like it is.

And that office, while considerably bigger than the 400 square feet he started in, is still in Ft. Lauderdale. Take that, Madison Avenue.