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Are Teachers’ Unions Ruining Our Educational System?

I don’t think that many teachers, or their unions, have the best interests of the children in mind. All you […]

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Enough Gun Violence – Revise the Second Amendment

What happened in Colorado was not an exception. It was inevitable. It will keep happening, one bullet at a time, every single day. And each time it does, that will be the price some innocent person will pay for us not bringing the Second Amendment up to date. For us not recognizing the obvious: that the society of 1789 is very different from the society of 2012 when it comes to guns. The Framers gave us the power to change the Constitution in these kinds of situations, and we have the responsibility to do that. If that makes you feel paranoid, you can deal with that problem by talking to a good therapist.

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Does Israel Have The Right To Defend Itself? Absolutely!

I was watching a hashtag on Twitter explode this morning, no pun intended. The hashtag is #HamasBumperStickers. While it’s not […]

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Obamacare Causing Major Brands to Consider Their Options

Over the weekend, the Internet blew up with vitriol as a few major brands began discussing their options with regard […]

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President Obama Has Been Re-Elected. Now What?

Now that the election is over and Obama has won, we need to come together and we also need to […]

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