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Urban Meyer Used Failure To Win

Urban Meyer, having won two national championships at the University of Florida, will be bringing his Ohio State team to […]

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Jordan Zimmerman Speaks To University Of South Florida Football Team

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to speak to the University of South Florida football team prior to their game […]

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A 2012 Olympic Winner…Before He Competes

What got Coleman to the 2012 Olympics? A great coach, yes. But there was something more. It was the power of believing in himself. It was his ability to say “I can do that, too — and you know what? I can do it even better.” I love this kid. He had a crazy idea for a new move. He took action. He tried it. Then he learned it. Then he practiced it over and over again until he perfected it. And in my book that means he’s already a winner.

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The Most Misunderstood Brand

The life lesson I picked up here was: Never let the media give you a predetermination of anyone. Judge people for yourself. And give everyone a fair shot. The old saying is true – you can’t judge a book by its cover…especially if the cover has been designed by someone who wants the book to fail.

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You’re Never Too Old

When Jamie Moyer pitched his first big-league game for the Chicago Cubs, Ronald Reagan was president. And no one had ever heard of the World Wide Web.
That was back in 1986, when Moyer was an unknown twenty-three-year-old rookie. On April 17, Moyer became anything but unknown. He put a big neon light on top of an amazing career that has lasted longer than any “expert analyst” thought was possible.

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