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Trial By Fire: The Zimmerman Advertising Internship Program

Most intern programs are equivalent to entry-level day care. The kids push some papers around, sit in the back row of a few meetings, make copies, get people coffee … but never get any traction… Here, it’s a little more like boot camp.

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The Dumpster Years to Entrepreneur of the Year

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An ‘F’ On The FCAT

The ship is sinking, and we’re allowing it to go down. The system is BROKEN. It must be fixed. Period. No more double-talk. No more excuses. When it comes to education, there are no “do-overs.” Every time you screw up, you mess with the lives of the students. And Florida is screwing up big-time right now. I’m doing what I can to raise the bar. I wish Florida’s public education leaders would do the same.

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March Of The Living

For decades, Holocaust survivors have worked to keep this experience real for us. And now we see that, with the passing of time, their ranks are thinning. Someone must take up the duty of keeping their experience alive. In South Florida alone, there are over 12,000 survivors of the Holocaust, victims of unimaginable loss and tragedy. This weekend, I am dedicating our agency to the important duty of telling their story.

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Take Your Kid To Work

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