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The Dumpster Years to Entrepreneur of the Year

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Eyes on the Prize

During competitions, she uses what little vision she has to focus on someone who’s running right in front of her, and then just keeps running … unless that runner gives out. At that point she finds someone new to follow… Until she passes them, too.

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The Trophy Generation

The Trophy Generation: Part 1

The Trophy Generation

You are The Trophy Generation. You expect way too much. You expect to be praised and rewarded for coming in second. Hell, you expect to be rewarded for just showing up. Guess what? There is no second place. And, in the real word, people don’t get paid for just showing up.

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Are You an All-Star?

Are You an All-Star?

Our agency is all about measuring results. Let’s see how you measure up to the following:

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Getting a great job … In a job market that sucks

Getting a great job ... In a job market that sucks

You don’t have to be an economist these days to see that there are a whole lot of good people out there in search of a limited number of good jobs. If the experts can be trusted, the economy has cratered, employers are wary of making any new hires, and the outlook for the future continues to be bleak for just about everyone.

Fortunately, the experts are dead wrong.

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