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Lead, Follow or Get the F#$@ Out of the Way

Lead, Follow or Get the F#$@ Out of the Way

Without a doubt, I want to surround myself with inspired, ignited people (not people looking to be inspired). I want driven people on my team. But does that mean I want a team full of leaders with the same traits that I have? Absolutely not!!

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My Path to Success Could Be Your Path to Success

My Path to Success Could Be Your Path to Success

I get asked all the time, “What’s the secret to your success?” People want to know how I was able to start my agency with only $10,000 and grow it into the 14th largest advertising agency in the country with annualized billings closing in on $3 billion. CMO’s, presidents, chairmen and even founders ask me daily how my agency is continuing to win great brands while other agencies are struggling in this volatile economy. So I decided to spell it out for you in a series of blog posts where I describe my path to achieving success.

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Dream Robbers and Soul Stealers

Every great idea, no matter how big or small, started out as a dream. What is a dream? Dreaming is not just something you do at night. When you’re dreaming of accomplishing a goal, you live and breathe that goal every single day, and every single night. You become possessed. Dreams are crucial to accomplishing any goal in life. If you ever stop dreaming, your life and your career will slow to a stagnant pace. It will become an empty shell of what it once was. So dream big and have no fear. It’s no time to be cautious when you’re mapping out dreams and aspirations for your future!

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The Way You Make Me Feel

Someone once said,

“People will forget what you say; people will forget what you do; but people will NEVER forget how you made them feel.”

I recently read this quote, and it really hit home for me…

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Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

Based on the number of responses I’ve received, yesterday’s post about making your first million clearly got in your head. That’s a good first step toward your fortune.

But be honest: How many of you actually committed to changing even one thing about your life? If you did, read on. If not, I would suggest you immediately unsubscribe from this blog, because nothing from here on out will be of any use to you.

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